Getting my MLOps Thoughts Straight

MLOps has a lot of moving parts, I’m trying to make sure I’ve given them all a spot in my thoughts. I’ve written one blogpost about MLOps previously, which was like an introduction to the subject I guess.

Responsible ML Workflow summary

I recently came across this paper on LinkedIn, which I thought was a particularly valuable source, both in itself and for further reading. I enjoyed reading it and learned a lot of new things, made a summary for myself and figured I would share it.

MLOps: Not as Boring as it Souds

Have you heard of MLOps? When I first heard the term, I admit my first reaction was; ‘Boring!’, and I rolled my eyes like you’re supposed to when you say stuff like that.

The 5 Things I Want in my Data Science Projects

A little while ago my colleague Dimitris Stafylarakis and I gave a talk at the Big Data Expo in Utrecht which we called “Better data products and happier people: our philosphy”.

Quality of coding life with a terminal multiplexing startup script

For my various jobs (academic and business) I have spend a lot of time behind a computer doing code-related things. I have been in the situation many times (actually, I should say all the time, before I started doing what I will describe below) where I had many windows open; specifically a bunch of terminals, editor windows (and browser of course).